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I pray that 2016 finds you in the warm glow of love. May you experience wonder, surprise, and happiness. I pray that you and your loved ones are safe, warm, and well nourished…physically and mentally. During 2016 I hope you remember to look up into the night sky and gaze at constellations, and quasars, and a falling star or two. Marvel at a mountain, an ocean, or a flower. May you get caught up in the laughter of a child and see in all these things how small and great you are all at once…at least once.

I pray that kisses touch your lips and hugs squeeze you tightly… often. People will upset you and be unkind from time to time, and I wish upon you the grace to step aside and let it pass you…they are not on your level. I hope you’ll set goals for this year, and see them through to their fulfillment; and know the pride of making something from nothing. If a loved one leaves you, may they live on forever in your heart, and remind you of the wonderful times you shared when they were here.

I pray that the New Year will see us all move a step closer to realizing that we are all one. I pray that police will be respected and respectful. We cannot lose any more of our children, nor any of our protectors. May the religions of the world and all its factions embrace commonality and use its power to bridge divides and expand the love of the God they serve. May we all see the need to marginalize out of existence any teachings or philosophies that are hateful or hurtful.

I pray that this is your best year ever, and that you see yourself with new eyes. If self-improvement is your desire, please do it from a place of love and acceptance of who you are today. May your aspirations fuel excitement, and bring lasting success into your life. I hope that you will find something you like in the people you meet, and they…in you. I pray that smiles, and random acts of kindness become viral. May you find the love you long for, and embrace firmly, the love you have.

I pray that you will live beyond limit, and step into your greatness. I pray that you will know that you have a special combination of talent, abilities, and qualities that is unique to you. I hope you’ll know that sharing your special combination ┬ácan make our world better than it was before you came to us. I pray you do that. I pray that 2016 will be epic and awesome, funky fresh and dope. I pray that this year the brilliance of dreams come true, shines on you often. May heartbreak and disappointment never overstay it’s visit, and leave in its wake a bigger better you.

With love…really…I pray that 2016 finds you happy and leaves you happier.

Stay Fly and Fly High


Please Share...Thanks!